Interjection কাকে বলে? Interjection এর ব্যবহার কি কি?

Interjection কাকে বলে? Interjection এর ব্যবহার কি কি?

যে সব শব্দ/word দিয়ে মনের আবেগ প্রকাশ পায় যেমন- দুঃখ, কষ্ট, আনন্দ, ঘৃণা, বিস্ময়, ভয় ইত্যাদি, সেসব শব্দগুচ্ছকে Interjection বলা হয়।


  • Whoa, this country is amazing!
  • Wow! that’s an awesome moment.
  • Congrats! You finally got your Bachelor’s degree.
  • Alas! I’m lost my watch.
  • Oh! I forgot this story.

Interjection গুলি হলো:

Ah Alas Alak Bah Eh
Hallo Heavens Good Indeed Never
Hey Ho Good grief Mercy O
Oh Oops Whoops What Well

বিভিন্ন প্রকার Interjection এর ব্যবহার:

To express greeting:

  • Hey! come here.
  • Hey! How are you doing?
  • Hello! What happened to you?
  • Hi! Are you new here?
  • Hey! Don’t be so rude.
  • Hello! Is there someone here?

To express appreciation/approval:

  • Bravo! Shakib scored 100.
  • Bravo! Raju has stood first.
  • Yummy! The cake is so tasty.
  • Well done! your art is amazing.
  • Splendid! I like your work.
  • Brilliant! You have owned the first prize.

To express surprise:

  • Hey! What have you done?
  • What! You won the first prize.
  • Oh! What a glorious cricket match.
  • Ah! Karim has spoiled our project.
  • What! Riya is not joining the party.
  • What! You are playing on the national team.
To express joy:
  • Wow! The design is marvelous.
  • Wow! The place is so amazing.
  • Hurray! I have won a prize.
  • Yippee! You are going with us.
  • Wow! You are looking so gorgeous.
  • Hurray! My article is published in the newspaper.
To express sorrow/grief:
  • Ouch! I hurt my sister.
  • Ouch! I hurt my wrist.
  • Ah! We lost the match.
  • Oh! The story was so pitiful.
  • Ah! Meena has broken her hand.
  • Alas! Karim’s uncle died yesterday.

To express attention:

  • Look! Karim is there.
  • Hush! Rafiq is there.
  • Look! someone is coming.
  • Listen! We are going tomorrow morning.
To Express hatred:
  • Oh no! This is so bad.
  • How awful!
  • Yuch! you are a bad person.
  • How disgusting! Please stop it.

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