SSC MCQ উত্তরমালা চট্টগ্রাম বোর্ড (ইংরেজি ১ম)। SSC exam 2020

এস.এস.সি ২০২০ ইংরেজি উত্তরমালা

Chattogram Board
First Paper
03 Set
Date : 06/02/2020

উত্তর মালা :
Answer to question no.- 01
(a) (ii) In 1985
(b) (iv) a Turkish saint general
(c) (i) incomparable
(d) (iii) Mughal and Turkish architecture
(e) (iv) light
(f) (iv) lean
(g) (i) 60 pillars with 77 low height domes

Answer to question no.- 03
(a) suitable
(b) habitable
(c) because
(d) took
(e) extinction

Answer to question no 04

(i) from Bogura Zilla School
(ii) in 1971
(iii) was published
(iv) Over 200 fictions and Non-fictions books
(v) at Bellevue Hospital in New York

Answer to question no 06

(a) + (iii) + (iv)
(b) + (v) + (i)
(c) + (i) + (ii)
(d) + (ii) + (iii)
(e) + (iv) + (v)

Answer to question no.- 07
e + g + h + b + a + c + d + f

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