২০২০ ssc পরীক্ষার ঢাকা বোর্ড ইংরেজি ২য় পত্র

SC Exam 2020

Dhaka Board English 2nd Paper SSC Exam 2020
SSC EXAM 2020 | English 2nd | Dhaka Board

Answer of Question-1
(a) often
(b) an.
(c) the
(d) learning
(e) worthy
(f) that
(g) in
(h) midst
(i) darkness
(j) from

Answer of Question-2
(a) gift/wonder/contribution/age/era/blessing
(b) like
(c) single
(d) of
(e) the
(f) an
(g) change
(h) blind
(i) The/Many/Some
(j) curable/cured

Answer of Question-3
(a) Independence is the birthright of a nation
(b) No nation can achive it without struggle
(c) Our war of liberation took place in 1971
(d) People of all walks of life joined the war
(e) They went to the battlefield to save the country

Answer of Question-4
(a) creats/causes
(b) occurs
(c) creats/causes
(d) violate
(e) drive
(f) gives
(g) carring
(h) reached
(j) solved

Answer of Question-8
(a) independent
(b) overpopulation
(c) unemployment
(d) deficiency
(e) government
(f) overcome
(g) digital
(h) development
(i) already
(j) achieving/achievement

Answer of Question-9
(a) shall we?
(b) aren’t I?
(c) doesn’t it?
(d) should they?
(e) Won’t You?

Answer of Question-10
(a) otherwise
(b) At the same time/Moreover/Besides
(c) For example/For instance
(d) So
(e) Moreover/Because/Last of all

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