Conjunction কাকে বলে? Conjunction কত প্রকার ও কি কি?

Conjunction কাকে বলে? Conjunction কত প্রকার ও কি কি?

Conjunction কাকে বলে?  কত প্রকার ও কি কি?

Conjunction অর্থ হলো একত্র সংযোগ অর্থাৎ এরা Words, Phrase, Clauses, Sentences কে যুক্ত বা একত্রিত করে। তাহলে আমরা সহজেই বলতে পারি

যে Word দুই বা ততোধিক Words, Phrase, Clauses, Sentences কে যুক্ত করে তাদেরকে Conjunction বলে। যেমন: And, But, As, So, or, Yet, Either, Neither, After, Before, Since, So that, That ইত্যাদি Words Conjunction রূপে ব্যবহৃত হয়।

Interjection কাকে বলে? Interjection এর ব্যবহার কি কি?

Conjunction প্রধানত ৩ প্রকার:

  1. Co-ordinating Conjunction
  2. Subordination Conjunction
  3. Correlative Conjunction

Co-ordinating Conjunction:

যে সকল Words সমজাতীয় Words, Phrase, Clauses, Sentences কে যুক্ত করে তাদেরকে Co-ordinating Conjunction বলা হয়।

Con-ordinating Conjunction হলো:  And, but, for, nor, or, so, and yet ইত্যাদি।

এগুলিকে সহজে মনে রাখার উপায় হলো FANBOYS অর্থাৎ,
F = for
A = and
N = nor
B = but
O = or
Y = yet
S = so


  • Karim and Rahim are good friends.
  • Her two favorite sports are football and tennis.
  • I like coffee, but my sister prefers tea.
  • I like living in the village but my brother prefers living in the city.
  • Karim is fifty-five, yet he still runs, swims, and plays football regularly.

Subordination Conjunction:

যে Conjunction গুলি Subordinating Clause কে Principle Clause/Main Clause এর সাথে যুক্ত করে তাদেরকে Subordination Conjunction বলে।

Subordination Conjunction গুলি হলো: 

After Even though Though Since Why
Before As That Provided That While
Because If So that Rather than Until
Although In order to Than When Where
Even if Unless Once Whenever Wherever
Whether Whereas


  • Rahim is smarter than Karim.
  • I will not go out if it rains.
  • I prefer to sleep while my children are at school.
  • Shabrina was uncertain whether to stay or leave.
  • My mother believes that I should be a footballer.
Correlative Conjunction:

এই Conjunction গুলি জোড়ায় জোড়ায় ব্যবহৃত হয় অর্থাৎ একটি ব্যবহৃত হলে অপরটিও বসাতে হয়, এজন্য এগুলিকে Correlative Conjunction বলা হয়।

Correlative Conjunction গুলি হলো:

So…that Such…that Neither…nor No sooner…than The same…as
Such…as Both…and Hardly…when Scarcely…when Whether…or
As….as If…then Not only…but also So many…that Though…yet
So….as Either…or Other…than Rather…than just as … so


  • Rahim has no car or bike.
  • He wants to paint the room either yellow and blue.
  • Both cricket and football are popular in Bangladesh.
  • Either you will do your shopping or you will go home.
  • Rojina not only cleaned her room, but she also washed the dishes.

Quiz Questions:

  1. Rahim said he was sorry____ what he had done.
    a) about
    b) so
    c) for
    d) because
    Answer: for
  2. Meena went home____she was so tired.
    a) until
    b) till
    c) and
    d) because
    Answer: because
  3. This is the way____karim talks.
    a) by
    b) how
    c) for
    d) as
    Answer: as
  4. Jamal wanted to get married______he was tired of living alone.
    a) because
    b) for
    c) about
    d) as
    Answer: as
  5. Rimon was delayed ____ there was a traffic jam.
    a) as
    b) so
    c) because
    d) by
    Answer: because
  6. Either Ron____ Davie found my bicycle.
    a) and
    b) so
    c) or
    d) for
    Answer: or
  7. Moynal grilled meat for not only Tariqul_____ Shakil.
    a) and
    b) because
    c) for
    d) but also
    Answer: but also
  8. Both cats ____ dogs make good pets.
    a) but also
    b) also
    c) and
    d) so
    Answer: and
  9. No sooner had Robin finished watering the garden ___ it started raining.
    a) when
    b) where
    c) than
    d) till
    Answer: than
  10. My little brother likes not only to play video games ____ to watch sports.
    a) also
    b) but also
    c) moreover
    d) although
    Answer: but also

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