Robi Emergency Balance code 2021

Robi Emergency Balance code 2021

Robi Emergency Balance code 2021

The Emergency Balance System is a very useful method that pays you some money for an instant call.
If you are a Robi SIM user then you can enjoy this facility.
This method allows you to receive a balance up to a maximum of 100 BDT.

Read our article at the end to know more about this Robi service.
Here we have tried our best to provide you with the necessary codes.
All the data is taken from the official website so
there is no possibility of getting any wrong information here.

Jhotpot Emergency Balance Robi

This service of Robi is also called instant balance.
In order to get a quick balance, you have to check the eligibility first.
If you have received a balance before,
you will not be able to take it until you have paid it off.
To check eligibility for Jhotpot, please dial *8#.

How to Get Advance Loan in Robi?

You need to dial *123*007# to get Robi advance loan.
Any Robi prepaid customers can get hotspot balance up to Tk.100.
If you get a loan of Tk12 and above,
an SMS notification fee of 2.00Tk (excluding VAT, SD, SC) is applicable.

Terms and Conditions

  • Jhotpot is available for all packages of Robi
  • The balance can be used for voice call and SMS
  • 15% vat is applicable
  • Balance can be checked by dialing *1# or *222#

Here was the information regarding to Robi emergency balance code.
By following this, you can enjoy it according to your needs.
If you have anything to ask, don’t forget to comment below.

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