Robi IMO Pack 2021

Robi IMO Pack 2021

Robi IMO Pack 2021

Robi is the second popular operator in our country. It has been providing various offers to the users. In the previous post I have discussed those. In this article, I’m going to share with you the best Robi IMO Pack 2021. All of the customers can enjoy those package.

Here you will also read about others social pack, including Facebook, Twitter app WhatsApp. All of the information is adapted straighly from the official website and Facebook page. So there is nothing to suspect.

Airtel IMO Pack 2021

Robi IMO Pack Code Monthly & Weekly

When it comes to Bangladeshi communication system, IMO is the first choice of all. Here you go with the 30 days pack and 7 days pack of the Robi SIM. As we know Robi offers various Internet pack. Among of those, I have only picked the most popular and cost friendly IMO offer. Check out one by one from the section below.

1 GB IMO 55 TK

This is the most popular IMO pack of Robi SIM. The popular comes for the validity of 28 days, which is called monthly offer. On here, you will get 1 GB Internet only for IMO at BDT 55. The offer can be activated online as well as offline. To enjoy this right now, please dial *123*056#. For checking balance dial *3#.

400 MB IMO 25 TK

This is another one brought up by Robi axiata Limited. On this offer, you can enjoy 400 IMO data only for 25 BDT. It has also the validation date of 28 days. The purchasing system of the offer is available using USSD and online. I think offline is the better option. Please dial *123*56# right here to enjoy this offer. Balance checking code is *3#.

Robi Social Packages

Currently, using social media is on the way of rise. So Robi has come up with a social pack for SIM users. You can use Facebook and WhatsApp through these social packs. The following is a detailed description of Robi’s social data.

1 GB Facebook & WhatsApp 50 TK

If you are a daily Facebook users, this offer is the perfect one. It also allows you to use WhatsApp. On this offer, you will receive 1 GB data with the validity of 30 days. To enjoy this opportunity, please dial *123*250# from your device. You can also activated directly from Robi official website. After the activation please dial *3# to know remaining balance.

400 MB FB & WhatsApp 25 TK

This offer is also a social pack which allows you to enjoy facebooking and WhatsApp chatting for 28 days. A total of 400 MB data will be given only for 25 BDT. You can easily active this pack by dialling *123*0250# or visiting website. There is nothing different when it comes to check balance.

Robi IMO Pack List

Offer Price Activation Code Validity Balance Check
1 GB IMO 55 TK *123*056# 28 Days *3#
400 MB IMO 25 TK *123*56# 28 Days *3#
1 GB FB & WhatsApp 50 TK *123*250# 30 Days *3#
400 MB FB & WhatsApp 25 TK *123*0250# 28 Days *3#

This is all about Robi IMO Pack 2021 with full details. Hopefully, now you have no doubt about it and ready to go with desired offer. All of the information collected from Robi Facebook page. They change anytime. Thanks for visiting our website.

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