What are the requirements of effective communication? JAIBB

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What are the requirements of effective communication? JAIBB

Requirements/Conditions of Effective Communication:
An effective communication helps the business entity to achieve its goal.
But to ensure such some conditions are to be fulfilled which are:

1. Thought:
Efficient communication is created through appropriate thought.
Now a days, scientific and constructive thoughts are considered to be essential elements of ideal communication.

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2. Planning:
Planning means what is to be done in future.
So, communication must plan about topic,
presentation system, time,
place and others.
Such planning will help to perform the various steps of communication process.

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3. A definite purpose:
Each communication must bear a definite purpose.
Communication must be aware of this purpose or otherwise communication will be ineffective.

4. Timeliness:
‘A stitch in time, saves nine’ is a common proverb in English.
So. communication must happen in time.
Information which is not timely is useless.

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5. Conciseness:
Communication should consider the relevant facts to create a meaningful picture in the mind of related parties.
Descriptive speech or topics may raise disinterest and in attentiveness of the receiver.

6. Completeness:
Communication should not be partial.
It must be in details covering all relented aspects,
Otherwise, there will be communication gap.

7. Correctness:
Mistake in words, sentences or punctuation may create confusion in the mind of sender as well as receiver.
So, related parties to communication should be conscious regarding correctness

8. Clarity:
Communication must be straight forward with the message he wants to send to the receiver.
Lack of clarity may cause misconception.

What are the requirements of effective communication?

9. Persuasiveness:
Persuasiveness in business is considered to be prime quality
So communication must persuade the receiver to fulfill the desired objective.

10. Feedback System:
Good communication requires from the receiver of the communication.
This response is known as feedback which completes the process of communication.

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11. Mutual Interest:
Communication should occur in such a way that both sender and receiver find their own interest.
Such mutual interest should be given importance to make communication effective.

12. Simplicity:
The message should be given in simple words
so that the receiver can understand properly about the intention of the sender.
Use of complex or vague words will make fruitless communication.

13. Selection of media:
According to nature and importance of communication,
communication should select the right channel to communicate his message or information

14. Relationship between the sender and the receiver:
During communication,
the relationship between the sender und the receiver should be considered.
If communication is made considering such relationship then communication would be a fruitful one.

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15. Consideration of the ability of reader:
Communication must consider the knowledge,
ability thought of the receiver or reader of the communication.
If any communication in performed without such consideration then it will bring a different result.

16. Creation of appropriate environment:
Effective communication requires creation of appropriate environment,
otherwise communication would be worthless,
e.g. In assembly or meeting there should be no noise.

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