How To Teletalk Emergency Balance Code 2021

How To Teletalk Emergency Balance Code 2021

Teletalk is the government established telecom company of the country. The company has several types of packages to meet the needs of their customers. All types of services are included in each package.

Emergency Balance is a very useful service that allows you to continue talking instantly. This service is open to all Teletalk packages.

In today’s article I will teach you how to enjoy Teletalk Emergency Balance. For this you will need a dial code provided in the article.

How to Get Teletalk Advance Loan?

It’s easy to get Teletalk advance loan in any package. Everyone can enjoy the opportunity if they have no balance in the main account. There are two ways to get Teletalk emergency balance you can choose one of them from the section belly.

  • Dial *1122# to get Teletalk advance loan without any additional service fee.
  • Send SMS “Loan” to 1122 to get your maximum advance loan.

After doing that you will get and confirmation SMS with the exact amount mentioned in the message. It can be used for calling and messaging with any operator in Bangladesh.

Teletalk Emergency Balance USSD and SMS

Amount USSD Code SMS Service Fee
Unsure *1122# “Loan” and send to 1122 Free
10 BDT *1122*10# “10” and send to 1122 Free
12 BDT *1122*12# “12” and send to 1122 1.60 BDT
20 BDT *1122*20# “20” and send to 1122 2.67 BDT
30 BDT *1122*30# “30” and send to 1122 4.00 BDT
50 BDT *1122*50# “50” and send to 1122 6.66 BDT

Teletalk Emargency Balance Check Code

User can also check the emergency balance eligibility and the remaining balance as well. Here the two option to continue with. There is no charge for this. You can get the output continuing one of them.

  • Dial *1122*0#
  • SMS “Loan info” and send to 1122

After that a reply message will be given to you which will provide you the information.

This is all about Teletalk emergency balance code and checking process. Hopefully, you have done the job and enjoying that facility. Thanks for visiting our website and don’t forget to share with friends and family.

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