How To Banglalink Request Call Code 2021

How To Banglalink Request Call Code 2021

How To Banglalink Request Call Code 2021

We will give you an easy and small guide for making Request Calls from your Banglalink number. With the steps, we will help you with some important information about making Request Calls. Read the following details.

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Important Details

  • To make a ‘Pay For Me’ call, the balance in your number needs to be low.
  • It’s not just about having a low balance; you can make the Request Call even if your account are lacking the least amount of cost of a call.
  • If you are prepaid Banglalink user, you balance needs to be around Tk. 0.15 to Tk. 1.00.
  • The target number could be postpaid or prepaid. If it’s a postpaid number, there will be no changes in the call making process even if your one is prepaid number.
  • You can make not more than 5 request calls at a time.

The Request Call Making Steps

  • First, open the keypad on your handset.
  • Next, you need to dial the target number. But, hold on! You have to add *126* before the number, and a (#) after the number. For example, *126*019XXXXXXXX#.
  • Next, make a call. Note that, it will take a little longer than a regular call.
  • When the person receives the call, they will be informed that you are trying to reach them through a ‘Pay For Me’ call.
  • Then, there will be options for them to connect with you. If they want to pay for the call, you will be able to connect with them right away!

This is all about Banglalink request. No more words required to describe the steps. If you want to know farther information, feel free to contact us.

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